An alloy wheel face repair is normally carried out where it is only the face of the wheel that is damaged and does not include any corrosion. This will often be when you have damaged the alloy wheel against a kerb. 
The Wheel is removed completely from the car and the air is let out of the Tyre. We then break the seal (the bead) and remove the tyre from the alloy wheel so we have room to work and also so as not to damage the tyre. 
We now assess the damaged area which we will sand, smooth and polish, applying a special alloy filler formulated to repair any scratches or grooves. 
The Wheel is then primed, smoothed, heated, painted and finally coated with lacquer. We will then reinflate to the specified pressure and the finished wheel is put back onto your car. All our staff are expert technicians who have been fully trained to use the very latest equipment.