If you want a completely new look for your alloy wheels, then why not have your wheels painted black using our powder coating service. If all four of your alloy wheels are heavily corroded or perhaps you simply want your wheels to have a total face lift then we are able to offer process known as Powder Coating. 
In order to carry out a powder coating process on your wheels we will first need to fully prepare the wheel by using a Hydrochloric Acid bath which will completely remove any paint, surface imperfections and residues, effectively taking the wheel back to it’s original condition. The next process is sand blasting which creates tiny indentations on the surface of the all and creates a key for improved adhesion for painting. The Wheel is then placed in a large industrial oven, and heated up to 180 degrees celsius which further promotes an effective molecular surface structure ready for the powder coatings. 
Finally, it is now covered in a specially formulated Powder Lacquer, which adheres to the allow through electrostatic attraction created by charging the wheels on the spray booth racking system. The tyre is then re-fitted and inflated to the required pressure and balanced, the finished wheel is put back on the car. The Powder Coating Colour Finishes we offer are: Silver, Gold, Charcoal, Anthracite, Black Chrome, Smoked Chrome, Gloss White, Gunmetal, High Power Silver, Matt Black, Gloss Black, Sports Silver